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Who can be a member?

Any individual interested in Montessori philosophy.

The role of the member

A member is invited to all of AMM activities, seminars and events.

A member can be requested to volunteer on specific missions.

A member is requested to attend Annual General Meetings and vote if necessary.

The member Advantages

The members will receive the AMI Membership Card

The members will receive the AMI Bulletin.

By adhering to AMM, a member is automatically an AMI member.

A member will have free access to 2 of predefined AMM events, annually.

Discounts of 20% will apply to all of AMM events.

Members will have priority on signing up to events with limited spots. 

The Cost 

The cost is 800 MAD per year.

Become a member

Visit AMM office, and please bring your ID card.

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