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Montessori education goes beyond the school environment. Montessori is a way of life ideally embraced by parents as to enable them to understand their children and support their natural development.

Montessori Parenting 101

Respect your child and consider him as your equal

Simply place yourself in their shoes...for example, does your family ask you everyday what you had or how much you had for lunch, how many hours you slept or what you did at work? Your child doesn't like it either!

Your child likes movement

Give them the space and opportunity to be able to move around, safe and free. 

Your child should be free to choose

Always give them a choice. Apple or Kiwi? Red outfit or blue outfit? Cleaning the table or sorting laundry?

Your child learns only when he is doing it by himself

Give them opportunities to do things for themselves. As Maria Montessori said "never help a child with a task he can succeed". They have a lot more resources than you think!

Talk and discuss with your child

Always talk to them properly in a clearly articulated voice. They are able to understand everything you say, and will learn quicker! It is also a matter of respect...

Your child observes you

Do not teach by judging whether the child is doing something right or wrong. If a mistake is made, model correctly how to do it. They absorb your words, moves and moods!

Choose your child's toys carefully

There is no need for fancy or flashy toys that do all the work for them and just leave them watching and being amused for a short period of time. Children need purposeful activities which will engage their eye-hand coordination. Choose simple, natural (wooden) toys.

Each child is unique and has his own rhythm

Your children will sleep, eat, play, gaze when they need to. It is important to follow their needs and help them identify them.

It may take a little more time, but be patient!

While it may take a longer time to get a child to learn something, when they do, it does not become an issue any longer.

Wake your child up a little before the usual time if he goes to school or nursery, this way he 'll be able to dress himself and you won't be in a rush!

Support your child, no matter what!

Remember: it can never be perfect and mistakes and faults are all part of the growing up process. Do not praise nor judge children, simply help them by loving, caring, respecting  and following their rhythm.

What is a Montessori inspired Home environment?

The home environment is beautiful, minimalistic, orderly, child sized, and set up in a way that fosters independence and responsibility, ultimately leading to healthy and strong mindsets

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How do I deepen my understanding of Montessori?


How do I choose an authentic Montessori School for my child?

Choosing the right Montessori Environment for your children is extremely important. There are many "Montessori inspired" schools, which can only offer a fragmented experience of Montessori Education, rather than the experience envisioned by Dr Montessori. Any school seeking to endorse Montessori principles owes the child the authentic Montessori experience. This is delineated by a whole school commitment, in and outside the environments, and is certainly not limited to any isolated component defining the method. The experience becomes authentic only when all components are professionally implemented in symbiosis with Dr. Montessori’s precepts. 

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